• Staffer List

Club Management

NameGender Position Last OnlineOnline
  Darkness Evolves; Beastly Chace Male Delectably Sinful Owner; the Dictator Today No
  Her Cookie Monster Ezekiel Male Wickedly Fiendish Coder; the Magician Today No
  Revel Female Head of Staff; the Colorful Hurricane 28 days No
  Do Bad Things Tiaryn Female Senior Administrator; the Mercurial Menace 11 days No
  Cosmic Imbalance Astraea Female Administrator; the Cosmic Calamity 54 days No
  Wandering; Not Lost Lucrais Female Senior Moderator; the Cannibal 17 days No
  Salt#Tea Arsen Female Moderator; the Lipstick Lesbian 65 days No
  His Melody Octavia Female Moderator; the Wildfire Grass 1 day No

Staff Symbols:

Red in chat signifies an Owner.
Orange in chat signifies a Coder.
Yellow in chat signifies an Administrator.
Green in chat signifies a Moderator.

Roleplay Personnel

NameGenderPositionLast OnlineOnline
His Melody Octavia Female Bouncer 1 day No
Gage Male Bouncer 105 days No
SeaRaider Carson Male Security Guard 144 days No
Caustic Ramsey Female Bartender 83 days No
Girl Scout Esen Blackwell Female Bartender 34 days No
Penniless Pauper Genevieve Female Waitress 157 days No
Oink! Hartley Female Waitress 6 days No
Nveryioth Sidias Hammonds Female Waitress 108 days No
Queen of Contradiction Aibhlinn Female Waitress 22 days No

DJ List

NameGenderDJing Now?Last OnlineOnline
Her Cookie Monster Ezekiel Male No - [Write Comment] Today No

Quote: Penniless Pauper Birdie says, "Getting into a fluffy bed with strangers. Sounds like my prom night, again."
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