• Staffer List

Club Management

NameGender Position Last OnlineOnline
  Toad-ly Eerie-sistible; Beastly Chace Male Delectably Sinful Owner; the Dictator
Facebook Administrator
Today No
  Brew & Bubble Ezekiel Male Wickedly Fiendish Coder; the Magician
Radio DJ
1 day No
  Massacres&Merriment Tiaryn Female Administrator; the Mercurial Menace
Trivia Hostess
1 day No
  Toil & Boil Octavia Female Administrator; the Manic Musician
Events Coordinator
Today No
  Spooky Scary Skeletons; Lillith Female Moderator; the Royal Reprobate
Roleplay Organizer
Today Yes
  Sex, Ink and Ryder Male Administrator; the Immortal Inkist 1 day No

Staff Symbols

Red in chat signifies an Owner.
White in chat signifies a Coder.
Yellow in chat signifies an Administrator.
Green in chat signifies a Moderator.

Honorary Staff

NameGenderPositionLast OnlineOnline
Naïvety & Depravity; Aiyanna Female The Colorful Hurricane Today No
Ichor Drunk Astraea Female The Cosmic Calamity 3 days No
Actual Cannibal; Lucrais Female The Cannibal 11 days No
Bitch Came Back; Arsen Female The Lipstick Lesbian 7 days No

Quote: <Soul>  Brew & Bubble Ezekiel says, "GOSH ASHE"
<Soul>  Brew & Bubble Ezekiel says, "GASHE"
Satanic Dick; Ashe says, "IM DISTRACTED ESCUSE ME"
<Soul>  Brew & Bubble Ezekiel says, "YOU'RE ESCUSED"
Satanic Dick; Ashe says, "TANKS"
<Soul>  Brew & Bubble Ezekiel says, "WOLCOME"
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