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Justified Text - November 27th, 2017
Thanks to Arabella's question as to whether we had it, we now have justified text! (Google it if you don't know what it is - it's basically where, if you have a paragraph of text, the left AND right sides are aligned perfectly.) Use it just like bold and italics (opening and closing tag); it's colour code is the equals sign (=).

Instant Messenger - FAQ - November 1st, 2017
Since Instant Messenger is a really new feature only found here, I've had a ton of questions about it - if you click the "Chat!" button, you'll see a big question mark. Click it, and you'll see an FAQ of nine questions.

Instant Messenger - Group Chat - October 28th, 2017
With the Instant Messenger that you can find in the bottom-right corner of your screen, you'll see a little icon at the top of the chat list - you can now create and use Group Chats with whoever you want! When you create a group, click the cog icon to see the group settings.

Instant Messenger - October 12th, 2017
IS now has its own Instant Messenger! In the bottom-right corner, you'll see the "Chat!" button. Go click it and chat away!

Popup Prefs - October 12th, 2017
You can now access your preferences in a popup under the "Other" section of your character stats, so you don't need to move away from your page.

POOP! - October 12th, 2017
Poop emoji in the chat. How shit. You're welcome.

Player-Submitted Quotes - September 23rd, 2017
You'll notice that there is now a speech bubble in your chat next to each comment - you can now submit comments for staff approval as a quote, especially if someone says something funny and we're offline! Thank Arabella for the suggestion!

Mobile Template Change - September 22nd, 2017
The mobile template has been modified to provide links at the top of every page to scroll directly down to either the main page, the stats, or the navs, providing less scrolling and making navigation even easier!

Mobile Template - September 18th, 2017
If you're on any mobile device, then you'll automatically have the Mobile template activate so that your content is more accessible. If you have any suggestions on the layout of it, then send a petition in!

Deposit Bit Coins in Forest - August 28th, 2017
When you're in the forest, and concerning how you could deposit all of your credit straight into your bank, you can now do the same with your bit coins!

Extended Bios - August 14th, 2017
You can use the basic bios in the prefs... Or you can use your Extended Bios! You may recognize it from a previous site of mine - the Extended Bios are a place where you can let your imagination run absolutely FREE! Columns, images, headers, music, NO CHARACTER LIMIT, its layout is entirely up to you! You'll find the link under Personal Info in your stats.

Donator Icon - August 13th, 2017
If you're one of our beautiful donators, but don't want the icon in the chat, you can now turn it off in your prefs!

Demographics - August 12th, 2017
Few demographics about the players on the homepage of the site.

Automatic Italics and Coloured Punctuation in Chat - August 12th, 2017
You can now set automatic Italics and Coloured Punctuation for your chat in your prefs. 500 DPs each. I dunno, apparently it was something you guys wanted automated? I'm just the technical guy.

Mail - Mark All as Read - August 12th, 2017
You can now select a bunch of mail and mark them all as read at the same time, instead of reading them individually (I actually did this weeks ago, but never logged it.)

Lottery - August 12th, 2017
On the new day page, you will now find the lottery! Drawn once a week, submit your five numbers to go in the draw to win $200 worth of DPs if you get them all right! (1 in 1,860,480 chance.) Other prizes for smaller wins also exist.

Multiple Quotes - August 12th, 2017
Staff can now quote multiple posts as a single quote! You're all hilarious, so we love quoting your paragraphs. Cheers.

Roleplay Board - March 7th, 2017
You can advertise yourself if you want to set up a specific RP in the Roleplay Board, available from every village!

Draft in iMessages - March 7th, 2017
You can now save your incomplete messages and roleplays as drafts in iMessages! Come back them another time. Link provided in iMessages.

Casino - March 5th, 2017
You'll find the Casino in any village! Currently, alongside Battleships, you can also play the Instant Scratchie game, and take your chance at the slots! But be careful - gambling is addicting.

Battleships - March 1st, 2017
Been a bit quiet in the change log recently. So, let's play Battleships! You can play against the computer or challenge another player! (Found in the Gardens.)

You and Bio Views - February 23rd, 2017
Everyone can see who views their bio. Don't want to be seen in someone else's bio views? You can hide yourself now, available in the VIP Lounge!

Bio Statuses - February 23rd, 2017
Bio Statuses are complete! Update your status directly from your bio, delete your previous bios, and see previous bios for everyone! (The "Short Character Biography" in the Preferences has been phased out in favour of this - if you had this set, it has been transferred for you).

Friends Online/Offline - February 22nd, 2017
You'll now get a little notification in the bottom-right corner of your screen when your friends log in and out. Happy playing!

Screenshots in Petitions - February 21st, 2017
Got an error on your screen that you can't really describe when you're petitioning in? You can now click a button, and a screenshot of your last page is saved, and sent along with the petition so Staff can instantly see the issue!

Hiding your Stats - February 21st, 2017
Certain sections of your character stats that you don't want to see? Maybe the entire thing? Just click the header of each stats section to hide it!

Blood Splatter - February 21st, 2017
Low HP? Seeing blood? You literally will be seeing blood. Try to almost die, and see what happens. (There's a pref to turn it off, if it's not your style.)

Anonymous Rant Room - February 20th, 2017
The Masquerade Ballroom has been converted to the Anonymous Rant Room! You can say anything you want in here, and remain anonymous. Site rules apply, see in store for details.

Donators in Chat - February 20th, 2017
Our beautiful donators are the people that help keep this site paid for, so if you see someone with a $ symbol next to their name in the chat, it means that they're an awesome donator!

List of Patrons - February 20th, 2017
Click the headers in the List of Patrons. Go on. CLICK IT. (Hint: it sorts your shit out.)

Flirting and Charm - February 15th, 2017
Wanna hit up yo' bae at 2am with a booty call? Now you can, regardless of how much charm the two of you have!

Clan Taxing - February 15th, 2017
Your clan is no longer taxed for the killing of S- ahem, the Rival Club Owner. Rejoice!

Clan Forge - February 15th, 2017
What? You want even STRONGER weapons and armor? Lawd above. Clan Forge now active!

Dance Offs! - February 15th, 2017
Concerning Dance Offs (i.e. PvPs), if you lose, you bump up your opponents tracking count! Bright side: If someone loses against you, yours goes up!

Incentives - February 15th, 2017
Incentives got a face job! Or a fancy new look. Take a look yourself!

Your Real Life Age/Birthday - February 15th, 2017
Your Real Life birthday, minus the year, is now displayed in your bio. You can hide this in your Preferences. You now also only need to enter your birthday once when creating an account.

Switch Module - February 14th, 2017
Got alts? You can switch between them without even logging out! See your stats for more.

Love Mail - February 13th, 2017
We know you love us. We're hard to beat, right? Why not tell us? Love Mail - now in the Village.

Hades' Aide - February 13th, 2017
Bodyguard dead? Need to buy favour? Never fear, Hades' Aide is in the Gardens, where can you buy all the favour that you need.

Change Log! - February 13th, 2017
Welcome to the Change Log, where you can see our newest features. First up...

Quote: Penniless Pauper Malos says, "Lovely place y'all got here. Color scheme is excellent, too."
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