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November Wrap Up!
Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come2017-11-30 08:35:45
Say goodbye to our dancing turkey and say hello to snow and Christmas lights! November was a lovely month, reminding us of all we have to be thankful for (turkey dinners included). The staff here at IS would like to say in return that we are thankful for every single one of our players and donators. You guys help keep the site alive and bustling, thank you!

Speaking of donators, a special thank you to those who gave this month:

We would also like to say congratulations to the owners of the sites biggest and fattest turkeys! Winners include:
1st place: Kyra- Level 94 - Wins Bio Song Ability
2nd place
: Wicked WBitch of the West Elizabeth - Level 85 - Wins Custom Color
3rd place
: Declan - Level 83 - Wins Custom Poke

The Staff of IS would also like to introduce to you a new feature: Player of the Month! Each month a player will be chosen by staff based on activity, roleplay, and overall for helping to make the site a better place. So congratulations to our very first player of the Month:
From a Flame to an Ashe!

Upcoming Events:
December RP Contest
Submit Christmas
/December titles!
Staff Title Contest! Submit titles for your very own staffers and the staff chooses which titles to wear.
Watch for various other contests headed our way, currently all tentative. Keep checking in!

And finally, put an end to this month, lets take a look at what everyone is thankful for this holiday season:

OliviaI am thankful for my friends, and their never-ending support. It's not been easy, switching career paths the way that I did, and I wouldn't be able to make it through without the constant check-ins, encouraging words, and love that they show.
Don't Call Me Late for Dinner KyraI'm thankful for a lot of things but I shall keep it site based. Ha. I am truly thankful for this unique site, staff, and all the events. Oh, and being sooo punctual on ending events when its stated.P.S. Plus My Husband is amazing <3
From a Flame to an Ashe I'm thankful for sex.No, I'm really thankful for the friends who stick by me because they're loyal, I'm thankful for the friends that became family, and I'm thankful that I'm not out on the streets and have somewhere to stay when things could have gone much worse. Life is a bitch in heat, you just have to know when to tame that bitch.
Penniless Pauper ReiI am thankful for my strong, beautiful family, my two precious kitties, and every single person I declare as a friend. Without all of this, my life would be for not. :3 Happy Holidays!
Heaven's Dark Harbinger; the Conqueror RyderI am thankful for the frequent conversations about dick` - I always feel Richard is left out on other sites. I am thankful for constant abuse from friends within this hallowed realm, and most of all, I am thankful that the rest of peeps above were serious. This has allowed me to be a buffoon. So, I salute you all.
Awaken The Demon; Beastly ChaceI'm thankful for my family, my friends, my girlfriend, this site, my staff, my players. I have alot to be thankful for. I appreciate it all.
Thot AliceI'm thankful for having a bed to sleep in, and for the moment a roof over my head. Other then that I ain't got much to be thankful about.
Fuck the Fear Turkey, RazielI'm thankful for the Fear Turkey.
Her Genie in a Bottle; the God EzekielI'm thankful for so much, this year has been incredible. I'm thankful for the privilege to have run this amazing site with these brilliant and hilarious players. I'm thankful that I met the most amazing woman, with whom I'm already planned the rest of my life. I'm even thankful to those that enjoy starting drama about me - I love being talked about! So, I'm thankful for 2017. This year has been unbelievable.
Penniless Pauper EviaI am thankful for many things, one I am thankful for my family outside of the realm. The fruends I have made over my tume playimg lotgd. And those that give us a place like this to play snd be creative <3. I could go on but then it would take forever to tyoe :p.
Fall Vibes KoriI'm thankful for the commentary editor. xD
Knock Knock; Who's There? It's ArabellaSO I was going to be all sarcastic and humorous as per usual BUT seriously I do love this site and Zeke makes the coolest modules and the staff are chill and enthusiastic so basically *insert Italian hand meme here* thank you <3

News for Mon, Dec 11, 2017
Penniless Pauper Harleen has been slain in the forest by Sunshine.
"Well isn't that a kick in the crotch?!" Penniless Pauper Harleen observes.

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