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It's a Wrap!
Southern Belle Octavia2018-01-31 23:54:10
Alrighty ladies and gents, it's the end of the month and we all know what that means! Announcements of the winners for the contest that was ongoing through this month. We had the kill contest going on starting the 1st through the 31st and while we had originally planned to have TWO contests going on, there wasn't much activity for either one such as no submissions for bios and very few people participating in the kill contest. In first place with a total of 13 kills is Kyra! And in second place with a total of 10 kills is our very own junior moderator, Arabella! In third place with 2 kills is March! And in very last place is myself with 1 kill! Kudos to those who participated in this month's events and to those who made more RCOKs than the Co-Owner of IS. All participants will receive 100 DPs, first place winner will receive 1000 DPs, second place winner will receive 500 DPs, third place winner will receive 250 DPs. These will be applied to the accounts here on IS, however if you are wishing to keep those DPs for a stat transfer to one of the opening sites, please send in a petition and we will apply it to your account upon sign-up!

Now to give thanks to the donator for this month! Jean! Thank you so much for the support for this site!

Happy Birthday Babes!
For the month of February, the staff of IS would like to extend the happiest of birthdays to you!
Harleen - 4th
Ramsey - 7th
SwordsSlasher - 11th
Octavia - 15th
Jessie - 18th
Jean - 28th

News for Tue, Feb 20, 2018
Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.

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