• Inner Sinners RPG

The year is 2020.
The setting is the city of Vyle, Nevada -- a modern marvel catering to all walks of life settled 36 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Its community thrives, though many of its denizens possess supernatural tendencies. From the tall, erupting high-rise buildings to the suburban housing infrastructure, Vyle comes equipped with it all. Night life boasts an illustrious club (owned by the prestigious Long brother duo). You can already hear music, beguiling and pulling you in; ordering your body to dance. But that isn't all, oh, no. A University known for its party-culture dominates and most students who attend end up jailed for indecent exposure and lewd behavior (go Horny Toads!); and a City Park with sprawling and tended grounds, perfect for a romantic tryst. Ah, but don't forget to stop in for a quick bite at the city's famous Bikini Bar & Grill -- where scantily-clad servers await. What a wickedly delicious time...

That said, welcome to Inner Sinners.
A place where your creativity can soar to its highest heights. Run wild, literally.
You are among kindred souls here. What're you waiting for, hm?
Create a character; enjoy paradise!

The current time at Inner Sinners is 5:04 am.

The next new game day is in 1h, 10m, 59s (real time).

The newest resident of the community is Penniless Pauper Zandra.

The most recent hero of the community is Mad World March.

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17+ only. You will be banned if found under age.

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Inner Sinners Demographics
Male: 46.43%
Female: 53.57%
18-24: 54.36%
25-34: 32.21%
35-49: 10.07%
50-64: 3.36%
> 1 yr: 35%
1 yr - 6 mth: 30.71%
6 mth - 3 mth: 17.14%
3 mth - 1 mth: 12.14%
< 1 mth: 5%

Quote: <Soul> Totally Not Drunk; Aibhlinn tests it out. "Zeke is the best coder ever. And Australian. Cause some Aussie's can be cool."
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